Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How Is Hero An Art Movie?

1. I think Hero can be considered an art movie, because unlike Hollywood movies, it focuses on artistic shots, and the meaning beyond the story. The main story in hero was analyzed 3 different times, with three different end results, which is a property of an art movie since it is something that is studied and has a far deeper meaning than the first story. It also uses colours and artistic shots to set the tone or mood of the scene and story.

2.The director makes this a movie for everybody by including subtitles and universal principals, like conflict, love, revenge and peace. It has dialogue which makes it much easier to follow for those who have difficulty understanding the 'art movie' aspects of this film, giving it a more story oriented background. It is a fascinating movie all around, with a creative story line to keep all viewers entertained.

3.I liked this movie because there was always a plot twist and it was always not as you expected. The only thing I struggled with was the subtitles, mostly because I find them distracting. Other than that this movie kept me on my toes and was very exciting to watch. It was something I am not used to and it was interesting to see something based on the past in another culture. I also loved the creative shots incorporated in this film.

4. I think Zhang Yimou used colour to emphasize his action sequences because colour shows emotion and makes you feel a certain way as you watch the scene. For example, the red colours made it feel as if Nameless was out for blood, he was angry, supporting his country. The blue provided a calmer approach, he was there with good intent, to keep them alive. The library for instance kept changing because the story and the intent kept changing. Something new would happen based on the colours and that would be how you truly understood the separate stories.

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