Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Post Apocalyptic 3D Imagery – Reflection

Allie Smillie
April 4th 2015

            For my post apocalyptic art I chose the red, yellow/green, blue colour scheme on a black background because I felt that these colours would suit the content well, since it is a darker palate. I chose the boy with the hobo satchel to stand out, in order to show hope and a future in the post apocalypse setting. I wanted him to be one of the main things you see in the piece because I wanted a shred of hope in a world of despair.

            I tried to use a variety of sizes and images to produce a full piece with lots of dimension and colour. I wanted the 3D to be very dramatic and pop out a lot which I feel like I was successful with. I wanted my piece to represent my idea of a rebuilt world, still incorporating structures, but a demolished environment and things produced from the rubble. Instead of showing adults fixing everything, I chose to use children since they are the future and I really wanted to show hope.

            Some ideas that changed were the items and sizing I chose to use. I originally going to do a close up of a structure with smaller detail, and ended up with more of a scene. I chose to have a blue background over the black to provide texture and an extra level to add depth.

            I made sure when I was creating this piece that it leads your eye around the page to provide balance and attention to detail. I want the viewer to really think about what is happening in the image and see it from different perspectives.

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