Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Culture Jammer

1) What aspect do you find most successful and why?
The aspect of my Culture Jammer that I find most successful is the text I used to expose things that American Apparel does in their ads that are disturbing and make me uncomfortable. I think the strongest message I used was talking about how their ads are directed at young girls and how they will think things like this are appropriate and okay.
2) What aspect is the least successful and why?
I think the blurb under the picture is not as successful because it does not stand out as much where as the other text stands out enough that the reader can see it from a distance.
3) If you could redo this again what changes would you make?
I would probably have used one of the more controversial photo's and been more blunt with the sweatshop/human rights remarks because that is something I find really interesting and makes you think.

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